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Moonspank was covered in the March '08
issue of Westchester Nightlife Magazine.

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Moonspank band members (from left to right)
Dave Kiere, Monith, Darren Lipper and Anthony Packes.

The five members of Moonspank may be no older than 30, but they have nearly
a decade of experience in the music biz. Since forming in 1999, the band had been hitting the local music scene with its independent rock music, playing hundreds of gigs before taking some time off last year. “We just got really
burned out and started getting into general band drama,” says lead guitarist Anthony Packes, who grew up and still lives in Hawthorne.

Now, the band—which includes Packes, Monith from Valhalla,
Dave Kiere from Ireland, Darren Lipper from Manhattan, and Casey
Howard from Queens (all of whom have day jobs, by the way)—is
back and hoping to get into the studio some time this spring. “Right
now we have about two albums’ worth of material,” Packes says, “but
we’re hoping to finish this next album by June. It’s such an important
album for us.” Currently, there is one full album, Moonspank
(released in 2002) and an EP, Just Another Day, which came out in 2004.

Wondering about the name? “The name came from a lyric we wrote,” says Packes, “something called, ‘the night of the moonspank.’” Check out their website: for news, photos, and upcoming shows.