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5/22/10 Putnam Valley Summer Arts & Music Festival Putnam Valley, NY  
2/27/10 The Bitter End  NYC, NY The Moonspank/Bitter End campaign continued on this night and it was, without a doubt, the best Moonspank show at the Bitter End thus far. We would like to thank all of the fans who not only showed up and helped us reach an all-time record high gathering, but who also made this one of the best Moonspank show of all time.
10/17/09 The Field Restaurant Bar Bridgeport, CT Our first show at The Field turned out to be a total success. Elmer "Glue" Johnson, Dino "Hurricane" Covelli, John "Pieth" Packes and Alex Violette joined the boys for this memorable occasion. This bar, aside from being one of the best venues yet, also has the best Guinness in the world!
10/10/09 The Bitter End  NYC, NY The "Fifth and Fabulous" Moonspank Bitter End show was perhaps our best yet at this legendary performance mecca. Moonspank played a few tunes for the first time ever at this show including "In The Rain", "Toddeus" and closed the show with their unique U2/Queen/The Police medley.

Special thanks goes out to John "Pieth" Packes for sitting in for the 2nd half of the show, as well as Yael, Jordan and Toddeus for capturing this show in full 1080i HD. This performance will no doubt add to the great videos taken thus far at The Bitter End.
9/26/09 The Oyster Festival New Rochelle, NY The first ever Oyster Festival in New Rochelle was held at Five Islands Park. It included rides, games, food, beer tents, and most importantly... SPANK!!!!! Moonspank invited the one and only Elmer "Glue" Johnson as well as Casey "Holmes" Howard to join in on the fun. Although the weather was a bit chilly, Moonspank laid down the funky grooves necessary to keep the crowd physically stimulated. Dave also helped this process along by taking advantage of the first time he ever had a wireless microphone. Let's just say that he formally met everyone in the crowd during "Alright".

Special thanks this time goes out to Jackie and John Lim for setting up this event, as well as Denise for helping us out with the organization of the gig.
8/1/09 The Bitter End NYC, NY The Bitter End "Four-Peat", as it was dubbed by the great and immortal Uncle Spunk, turned out to be an incredibly intense and energetic show. It was also unprecedented as Casey "Holmes" Howard successfully took on the role of keyboardist, saxophonist and rhythm guitarist. Saxophonist Alex Violette, who played on Spank's recently released
full-length album "You Thought The World Was Over" made his live debut with Moonspank on this
night and played splendidly.

Because so many Moon Mongers made the trek to support Moonspank on this night, the energy during the show was simply outstanding and incomparable to any other gig. As always, we want to thank all who attended this show and hope to see you at many future gigs.

Thank you for making these moments so very special.
6/5/09 WHCC FUNDRAISER EVENT Irvington, NY Moonspank joined the efforts of the World Heritage Cultural Center to "Promote Cultural Awareness Through The Arts". This was an unprecedented show for Moonspank in that it was entirely instrumental. Casey "Holmes" Howard, Elmer "Glue" Johnson, Greg "Monith" Saracino and Tony Pax filled the stage for this 2-song performance playing the songs "Monith Ska" and "Street Pimp". Moonspank would like to thank Sattie I Persaud, Juan C Gonzalez, Mike C. Williams, the entire WHCC staff and all of the great folks who attended this benefit show.
5/9/09 The Bitter End NYC, NY An absolute gem of a show. Moonspank not only hired some great talent to capture this experience in HD, but also had the Bitter End multi-track record the audio of this outstanding performance.

Special thanks goes out to Toad, Mikey V. the Saracino family, and to the folks who support this band everytime we come out to play music. Thank you!
2/14/09 The Bitter End NYC, NY Another stellar Moonspank performance in front of a very warm and receptive crowd -made this Valentine's Day very special for the entire band. We would again, like to thank all who made the trip to this legendary venue; we hope that you enjoyed the Spanking. Special thanks to Todd and Michael Vacca for the support!
10/17/08 The Saloon Pearl River, NY A tight squeeze with a full band provided for a
cozy yet exuberant Moonspank performance.

John "Pieth" Packes also joined
Spank for a few tunes which kicked ass.
10/5/08 The Bitter End NYC, NY The best Moonspank Show ever.

Our most beloved fans came out for this one
and Moonspank delivered perhaps the best
performance of their lives.

Moonspank would like to thank everyone who
came out to support them on this most
important gig. We are truly humbled.
9/26/08 Waltz-Astoria Cafe Queens, NY Thanks to the legendary Casey"Holmes" Howard, we landed this spur of the moment gig at the Waltz-Astoria Cafe. The Waltz provides a very warm and cozy room perfect for any acoustic performance.
7/05/08 The Underscore NY, NY  Spank took a break from recording their 2nd full album to celebrate the 4th of July weekend with this show. Casey "Holmes" Howard surprised us with his appearance and jammed on a couple of tunes.
5/03/08 The Rambling House Woodlawn, NY

Moonspank's 160th gig was our triumphant return to The Rambling House. Although the gig was fun, we again realized that ever since the bar has restricted bands to play only in the "dining area", much of the crowd interaction has been lost. Nonetheless, the boys were happy to see many of their old friends and supporters from the past, and put on a great show.

Moonspank is slated to play at The Rambling
House again on July 12th.

4/10/08 Fashion Show Benefit Concert White Plains, NY This gig will no doubt go down as one of our most cherished of all time. Moonspank played for many great new fans during this show and received their warmest welcome of all-time.

We would like to thank Dan Moore for putting this show together as well as the many White Plains Middle School staff. Thank you so much!
2/01/08 J.C. Fogarty's Bronxville, NY I think that it is safe to say that this was the smallest stage that Moonspank has ever played on. In fact, we are willing to out on a limb and say that this is the smallest stage.....ever!!

Despite the "tight squeeze" Spank filled the evening with its best material and, like always, made a few new friends along the way.

On a separate note, Dave introduced Tony to a drink which (for some unGodly reason) is 1 half Guinness and 1 half hard cider. Tony's advice: "This drink tastes like piss, so do your best to avoid it!"
12/5/07 The Vault Boston, MA The biggest Nor easter of the winter usually brings with it plenty of snow, ice, and car accidents. This year however, it also brought Moonspank - to the little city of....BOSTON! Elmer Johnson made his Moonspank debut and passed with "tightly grooved" flying colors.

We will be inviting him back soon!

Although the gig went well, Moniths car completely
shit the bed the next day (due to a faulty ignition)
and made things quite a bit more difficult for
us when trying to leave.

Special thanks to Evan Bergman for putting the whole event together for us, and to Elmer Johnson for making the the game time decision to come play!
9/22/07 Olives Nyack,NY Spank played this "trio" gig along with Skelter and InQuestion. This trifecta of rock greatness was truly special to all who participated and attended.

Dino Covelli and Darren Lipper shared the stage with us and drove our sound to a new level all together! We will definitely try to keep this exact
formula moving forward!
8/9/07 Alive @ Five Festival Stamford, CT This show was simply amazing. Moonspank (opening for Don McLean) played their hearts out for thousands
of people in attendance who screamed one word at the end of this memorable show ....ENCORE!

The response that Moonspank received during and after this show was unprecedented as thousands of CD's, autographs and stickers were given out.

Moonspank would like to personally thank the following people for making this show possible: Theresa Lalomia, Annette Einhorn, Lynn (the booking agent), Michael Cheng and all of the members of The Don McLean Band. We would also like to thank Randy Thomas, Kevin McCloskey, Trevor, Patrice Perry, Lenon Nersesian, our family members and friends for all of their support.
7/7/07 The Black Duck Westport, CT The momentum and pure groove which was generated from the performance at the East Side Cafe, along with the inspiration that came from watching 4 hours of the "Live Earth" concert the next day, resulted in a tight and clean musical performance. Although this show was not recorded, it will be remembered as one of Moonspank's best for all who attended.
7/6/07 East Side Cafe Norwalk, CT Once again, Darren Lipper and Casey (Holmes) Howard graced the stage with Moonspank and produced some fine music. We were treated very well by three beautiful bartenders all got super drunk as the night progressed. The infamous Toddeus also came through and provided many of his invaluable services for this gig.

Sorry - No recording of this show exists.
5/26/07 Vintage Bar White Plains, NY Many mongers, new and old, came out to experience the final show of Moonspank's official return weekend.

Along with Darren Lipper and Casey (Holmes) Howard, Spank invited the elusive "Twisted Pair" to provide a visuals for all to enjoy. Twisted Pair took a combination of old Spank videos/artwork and mixed it using his original style and effects. It was then projected on a screen behind the band while they played.

This gig was documented and audio/video clips will be posted as soon as they are finished. We may also have a few video clips showing the pure genius of Twisted Pair!
5/25/07 Connolly's NY,NY Moonspank's first show back in
almost 2 years was a success!!

For this show, Moonspank showcased bass player Darren Lipper and invited their long lost friend Casey (Holmes) Howard, (Saxophone/keys) to join them in the official "REBIRTH".

Casey and Darren both played brilliantly and added a very fresh groove to the music of Moonspank. If you missed this show, be sure to make it out to future gigs to hear the "new" Moonspank.
11/18/05 Hook and Ladder Pub NY,NY Our last show before a well deserved break. And what a show it was. The jam for Crazy Glue was perhaps Moonspank's greatest live moment ever!
11/11/05 Hook and Ladder Pub NY,NY We would like to once again thank Casey "Holmes" Howard ( for joining us. We would also like to once again thank the beautiful Melissa for serving us drinks and taking care of us.
9/24/05 Paragon Park Hazleton, PA This was yet another example of Moonspanks versatility. To quote the famous Monith:
"We're the kind of band that can say that one day we'll play Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus, the next day we'll play a trailer park."

But then we realized that we were in the wrong area. So when it was all said and done, this gig proved worthy. some footage was taken of this experience and a small but meaningless highlight reel will be uploaded in the box to the right ------------------->
9/23/05 Hook and Ladder Pub NY, NY A fantastic new city venue! We met more cool people at this place then we usually meet in 10 shows playing anywhere else. A special thanks goes out to the beautiful Melissa (the bar tender) for taking very good care of us.

The incomparable Casey "Holmes" Howard once again joined us in our quest and truly made this great show even better!!
9/18/05 Fagan's Ale House Yonkers, NY Some very good recordings came out of this Fagan's gig. Moonspank has decided on putting together a kick-ass live album in the near future. How near? We will provide news once we agree on a date.

As for the show itself, it was cool up until we witnessed several drunken Irishmen exposing themselves on the street while having their picture taken.
I really feel bad for the person at CVS that has to develop these unfortunate photographs.
9/10/05 The Rambling House Woodlawn, NY Our 11th show at the Rambling House was made even more special because of everybody's favorite horn man - Casey "Holmes" Howard.

There were really no highlights of this show worth mentioning however. The van did not get stolen, none of us fell into the stage pit, no ex-girlfriends showed up and no fights occurred.

The only thing worth mentioning is that JJ's birthday was September 1st. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JJ - YOU ARE NOW OVER THE HILL! LOL
8/26/05 Fagan's Ale House Yonkers, NY MOONSPANK: 145 shows and still going strong!!

Unlike the last show, this show was pretty uneventful. Some Irish dude got his face busted up after the show and was a bloody mess, but that is not exactly a rare occurrence on the streets of Yonkers.

The van did not get stolen this time - thank goodness!!
8/20/05 The Rambling House Woodlawn, NY There is so much to say regarding this unforgettable Moonspank experience, but allow me to first thank all of the people who truly made this night a possibility;

Major thanks goes out to Casey "Holmes" Howard (, Dino Covelli (Mad Machinery), Todd Moore, Jason Spoor, the entire film crew, Declan-- the owner of the Rambling House, Gail, and the last but by no means least, all of the fans who continue to show their incredible support. Without their contributions, this show could not have existed.

That being said, I would like to officially let all mongers (young and old) know that Moonspank has already begun the post-production effort and are very anxious to share the results. The end result of this effort will undoubtedly be a very cool DVD with as many features as we can provide.

In the meantime however, We plan to upload several video clips to the VIDEOS PAGE as we make progress.

We will allow the videos and eventual DVD to illustrate what the experience was like. Between the intense multi- channel audio recording and the 5 different cameras...... Well, you can only imagine.


The night was perfect and a true success in every way except for one small thing. Bertha (The Official Moonspank van) was stolen shortly after 4:00am. JJ had parked it in front of the bar, went inside, and before coming back outside, the van was seen driving away. However, the van was located around 6:00am by the Yonkers police and is now back in our possession. Details are a bit sketchy at the moment but more information is on the way regarding this incident.
The news was so shocking and had such an impact on the community, even FOX News LIVE decided to cover the story as it unfolded! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!
8/19/05 Paddy Doherty's Bronx, NY We quickly found out that our beloved fans at Paddy Doherty's missed us and also thought that we had broken up!!

We made it clear to them that we were back and that they would receive their "spanking" shortly. As it turned out, they couldn't wait to get spanked as they were harassing us from the minute we got there.

Shouting constantly at us to...."C'mon play some music!" or "Lets go already!" They obviously have no respect or appreciation for the theory of setting up the gear before you start playing.

Oh, and in case any of you were wondering, Chip was not in attendance but the old guy who sticks his tongue out at everybody was.
8/14/05 Fagan's Ale House Yonkers, NY Once again.... Spank rocked this small venue and learned that our fans are so dedicated to our live performance, they even bring their own microphones to the shows!

Our deepest thanks goes out to those men and woman of Fagan's Ale House (and the entire city of Yonkers) who remind us gig after gig.... You can never be too drunk!!

Our undying devotion.......... dies with you! God bless!
8/6/05 Neiman Marcus Paramus, NJ Moonspank enjoys playing Neiman Marcus for the thrill of meeting people that they would otherwise never meet - and because we get such a laugh out of how overpriced the clothing is. I mean $3,000 for a friggin handbag is just ridiculous!! I wont get into the blouses.

However, the true highlight of this show came after the gig was over. You see what happened was..... well just watch the video for yourselves.

7/31/05 Fagan's Ale House Yonkers, NY This place just plain ROCKS!!

The crowd never fails us here and we hope that we never fail them.

Moonspank took a more experimental approach to this gig, having played a monster show at the Rambling House the night before. All in all, it was a great wrap to an incredible weekend of pure SPANK!! 
7/30/05 The Rambling House Woodlawn, NY

Yet again, the incomparable Rick Donato joined Moonspank for another kick ass show. I would like to post a quote from our beloved drummer Monith Saracino, which I feel explains exactly who Rick Donato is and what he brings to the Moonspank project;

( FROM Monith)


"Thanks again for helping us out. We all had a great time and your cool attitude on and off stage makes it an amazing experience every time."

"That solo was so kickin, man. I wish I had it on tape - there's a lot going on there that I would like to disect--just for the sheer pleasure of it." "What impressed me the most about your solo was NOT the whipping fast single strokes, not the impossible 4-limb independence that you seem to have superhumanly mastered, but instead, it's the TIME." "Though all that shit that's going on, your TIME DOESNT MOVE during your solo--unless of course you want it to." "That's what wows me about you as a drum set soloist." "I DONT even hear that kind of time (during a solo) with Carlock, Peart or any number of others."


Well said Monith!! Thanks again Rick D!


7/22/05 Fagan's Ale House Yonkers, NY The man, the myth, the legend, DINO COVELLI from Mad Machinery sat in with Spank as they continued their successful campaign at Fagan's Ale House. A fun and very energetic evening was made even better as Dino (as always) added his expressive genius to our music.


If any of you Mongers have been checking the up-and-coming show dates, you know that Fagan's is going to be a mainstay for Moonspank through the months of August and September. 
7/15/05 Tiernan's Bar Stamford, CT Spank always welcomes new venues and this one was no different.

The highlight of this show was when Tony busted his right pointer finger open (playing too rough?) during the middle of the second set.

The bloody detailed pictures of this experience, will be uploaded soon!!

I am sure that you all cannot wait!
7/4/05 "Freedom on the Fourth Festival"

Ellenville Flight Park

Ellenville, NY Another great experience at this event. Great bands, great food, great camping, great weather and most importantly... UNCLE TONY!!!

Toddeus and Monith were seen playing in Jason Fresta's solo band

Thanks again to Dino and Uncle Tony for inviting us back to the Freedom on the Fourth Festival! 
7/1/05 Fagan's Ale House Woodlawn, NY For the second time, Rick Donato graced Moonspank with his presence and performed wonderfully. Whomever attended this show this time didn't receive the gift of a Rick Donato drum solo, but did get a chance to experience some grade A jamming and improvisation!

Thanks again Rick Donato
6/25/05 Private Party Yonkers, NY The rumors are true folks! Moonspank played their first wedding gig this weekend.

This was a great experience and we met some incredible people at this gig. Thanks so much for choosing "Spank" as the main form of entertainment during this glorious occasion. 
Late Show
Rambling House Woodlawn, NY An absolutely fantastic turn out and a splendid gig.

We were reminded again why we love playing at the Rambling House.

P.S. Tony accidentally spilled beer inside of his amp head and threw a monster MONTIH!

P.P.S. Update (The next day): After a nervous test, the head still works great!!!!! 
Early Show
Connolly's Pub (Irish Music Festival) NY, NY A cool but very short time because we had to make it to the Rambling House for a gig (SEE ABOVE).

Thanks again to the dude from the Irish Voice for giving us such a cool interview. 
6/5/05 Fagans Pub Woodlawn, NY A great new venue. Don't let the small size of this pub scare you. Fagans packs an energetic and receptive crowd.

You will see Moonspank play at this pub again soon!
5/28/05 Siamsa Stroudsburg, PA A much better turnout and overall experience this time around.

The boys plan to take a bit of time off to continue working on new material as well as our second album. 
5/23/05 The Mike Byrnes Guitar Show - A total success and a great experience!

Video highlights and information regarding the date of broadcast is coming soon! CHECK YOUR LOCAL CABLEVISION LISTINGS FOR AIR-TIMES. 
Late Show
Irvington Fire Dpt. 125th Anniversary Block Party Show Irvington, NY An incredible experience! Soup to nuts, this was the most fun and interactive Moonspank ever. We truly hope to play for this Irvington crowd (the coolest people in NY) again soon!!

We would like to thank the Irvington Fire Department for their invitation as well as their incredible hospitality throughout the entire day. 
Early Show
NYRR Half-Marathon Grand Prix Queens, NY This time we had a generator!

We would like to thank Tina for all that she did for us and look forward to playing future marathons. 
5/13/05 Paddy Doherty's Bronx, NY

Yet another spectacular show at Paddy Doherty's!!

Chip and the gang were all present as Moonspank played their 6th gig at this kick-ass bar.

4/21/05 Bloomingdales Hakensack, NJ
Playing music in the middle of fancy department stores is a very strange yet surprisingly cool experience. The only drawback is the depression that inevitably follows after you take a look at some of the price tags on the clothing. Then, and only then, do you realize how absolutely broke you are.

The highlight of the experience was "Wild Child", the lady who played (a very mean) harmonica with us during the traditional yet unavoidable Road House Blues.

And just in case you are wondering,

NO!!! you are not allowed to request this song at any up and coming shows... Ever!
4/16/05 Paddy Doherty's Bronx, NY
Moonspank enjoys playing this venue for so many reasons. However, the one thing that keeps us coming back for more is the drunken old man who constantly cheers us on, requests Louie Louie about 150 times per show and sticks his tongue out at everybody!! Also, some dude shit his pants during the performance!! Literally!

Thanks again old man - You make it possible!!

Side Note: CHIP RULES!!  
4/15/05 The Playwright Stamford, CT A very Intimate and experimental show for the folks who attended.

The famous Dino Covelli outdid himself again by bringing an authentic Fender Rhodes Electric Piano.

4/1/05 O'Neill's Pub Norwalk, CT The famous, the incredible, the incomparable Rick Donato subbed for Monith and played the first set with Spank. It was a very different and interesting sound to many of the mongers. Whomever attended this experimental show witnessed one of the most incredible drum solos in history!!

Spank would like to thank Rick D for playing with us!! 
3/27/05 Rambling House Yonkers, NY They moved us to the other side of the bar because many of the neighbors in the area have been bitching and moaning about the "noise levels" on Friday and Saturday nights. Someone ought to tell these people to get out of their house a bit more!

Nevertheless, the "relocation" was kind of a bummer but it turned out that what really cast the dark cloud, was the fact that the that the people in attendance didn't even realize that we were there. Or at least they didn't want to bring in Easter with a Spank.

It seemed as if the juke box had projected a 3D holographic image onto the stage area - Ironically they are right next to each other.

I actually witnessed for the first time "negative applause" during this event.

However,... What saved the night this time was Mr. Chris Burke who actually brought an actual Hammond Organ (with the Leslie speaker) onto the stage and into the Spank experience. He is quite the player and his unique style quickly blended into the Moonspank sound. Thanks again sir.  
3/26/05 Burke's Yonkers, NY

Another slow night at Burke's did however yield some solid Moonspank music. We also met some potential Mongers (thanks to Fabian) and hope to see them again soon at the next show.

Moonspank has officially named Fabian, the Moonspank Fan of the month!!
(the month of April that is).

Fabian is the first and only fan to actually have cooked us a meal for a show!! (I shit you not)

Besides slaving over a hot stove for us, this guy has also shown face at many of the recent shows, promotes for us, cheers for us, tries to get us other shows, constantly purchases liquor for us during shows, brings new people to see us play and regularly contributes his words and ideas to the Moonspank Message Board.

Did say fan of the month?

I meant fan of the year!!!

Fabian thanks for your continued support. -SPANK

3/25/05 Paddy Doherty's Alehouse Bronx, NY Yet another great show at this fine new establishment. Some familiar faces were there and we also found some new mongers!! However, there were some strange smells coming from the stage at various points in the show. We still have yet to uncover the reason for these mysterious and unpleasant odors.

Report: Monith and Toddeus have come up with a new way to record our shows so stay tuned for some great audio clips - hopefully these clips will soon replace the three songs on the homepage player! 
3/19/05 Neiman Marcus (The Hip Event) Paramus, NJ A truly "Hip Event".
Dave once again played his original song "Buy You A Sweater". The fans loved it.  
3/17/05 Playwright Stamford, CT An amazing follow-up to Sunday and just an absolute gem of a show!! The legendary Casey (Holmes) Howard made his third appearance with the boys and performed brilliantly. The energy of the fans at The Playwright was unprecedented and truly amazing.

To our fans: Thanks for making this show and many of the previous shows, truly incredible.

I for one wish that every day was St. Paddy's day. -Tony 
3/13/05 Paddy Doherty's Alehouse Bronx, NY Sweet Redemption!!!

Not only was this one of the best shows that Moonspank has ever played, it was also the best party we have ever attended in our history.

If there is one bar owner that can
not only throw one hell of a party,
but knows how to make a band feel
at home - his name is Chip and
he is one of the owners
at Paddy Doherty's.

Chip is without a doubt the absolute best bar owner in the history of .... well bar-owning!!

Our thanks to Chip simply cannot be expressed in words but we would like to send our deepest thanks to him as well as each and every patron that attended the St. Patrick's Day bash at Paddy Doherty's. We certainly hope to see you all on the 25th!!
3/12/05 Casey O'Tooles Paramus, NJ All of the elements for a monstrous Spank performance were in place including sax legend Casey Howard (

However, Moonspank quickly learned that this was not quite the venue that they had heard so much about. The famed built-in crowd was nowhere to be found.

Moonspank would like to thank Casey for making his second appearance with us and would also like to thank the fans who did show their support.

Thanks again girls!!!
2/26/05 Paddy Doherty's Alehouse Bronx, NY An awesome turnout - As promised by many of the locals who were in attendance for the 2/20 show. This place has a great built-in crowd and is just a cool place to go and party.

Moonspank looks forward to playing here again!! Thanks again to CHIP the owner for the Jeager shots and for his superior hospitality.  
2/25/05 Burke's Yonkers, NY All I can say is that Moonspank was in rare form (to say the least). Fans got a glimpse of Moonspank that has never been seen before.  
2/20/05 Paddy Doherty's Bronx, NY A brand new bar = A brand new venue.

"A really unique and tasteful experience", says Tony Pax. "Great service, sexy bartenders, a great crowd and a really big fireplace."
2/19/05 Rambling House Yonkers, NY As promised, this gig was a truly unique experience as Moonspank was graced by the presence of saxophone marvel Casey Howard (
Despite having never played together before, Casey and Moonspank instantly found the groove and produced some of the most incredible music that has ever echoed from a Moonspank stage. Needless to say, We look forward to seeing Casey again soon and we are sure that all who were in attendance feel the same way. Moonspank would also like to thank special guest Mike Vacca who played brilliantly during Another Brick In The Wall (part II). 
2/16/05 The Lion's Den NY, NY This was Moonspank's first performance at this famed NYC venue.
Props to Mad Machinery
who performed brilliantly.

Unexpectedly attending the show was a distinguished member of rock royalty: the Mike Gordon of Phish. 
2/05/05 O'Neill's Pub Norwalk, CT The venue was perfect, the performance was paramount, and the crowd support was unprecedented.
Although the last few Moonspank shows were great in many ways, this show at O'Neill's was undoubtedly one of the best Moonspank shows of all time!!
Moonspank would like to sincerely thank all who attended and showed their priceless support.

Thank you for making this our most memorable show yet!! 
1/21/05 The Playwright Stamford, CT Last night,... one of Moonspank's favorite and most beloved fans graced us with his presence. The one... the only... FABIAN!!!!!!
Yes folks, it is true, Fabian was at the show in CT and a what a great show it was!! Moonspank would like to send a very special thanks out to Fabian for his undying support and spiritual guidance.
We would also like to once again thank the best bartenders in the world for their kind and incredible service as well as the new and very cool owner of the Playwright (forgot his name). THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

P.S. "This was one of my favorite Moonspank gigs of all time!" -Tony 
1/15/05 Rambling House Bronx, NY One of the best turnouts at the Rambling House ever yielded one of Moonspank's most energetic performances ever. A fantastic show indeed!!

Thanks to all who attended!! 
New Years Day
Siamsa Stroudsburg, PA   Like many Moonspank gigs on the road, the highlights of the experience came after the show in the hotel room.
New Years Eve
The Playwright Stamford, CT Moonspank celebrated their first ever New Years Eve show in style with an energetic and receptive crowd. We would like to thank the entire staff at the Playwright for doing their best to promote for us and for making New Years Eve a fantastic experience. We look forward to playing there again soon.
Moonspank also acquired some great new Moon Mongers; Click the link to the right to meet the infamous and beautiful "Sparkle Girl".

Click to watch "The Sparkle Girl"
12/23/04 Rambling House Bronx, NY This was yet another great experience at the Rambling House.

Jason Spoor and Todd Moore (AKA "The MoreSpoor" team) yet again proved their worthiness as they continue to better the Spank experience with their technical savvy and musical contributions. Thanks again Boyz!  
12/10/04 Temple Bar Stamford, CT Moonspank's Triumphant return to the legendary Temple Bar in CT was a huge success.

Special thanks goes out to the sound man Jack for doing a phenomenal job. Moonspank would also like to thank Darlene - Temple Bar's sexy new bartender. Darlene won Tony's heart over by making sure that he was never without a cold Heineken.  
11/26/04 McGilligan's Yonkers, NY Let me say this;
I don't think that Moonspank will be playing this particular venue again anytime soon.


Yea, about that.  
11/24/04 Burke's Yonkers, NY A total redemption from the last endeavor. Moonspank felt right at home while they played for a very responsive and lively crowd. Just an overall great gig!

Special thanks to the owner as well as all of the bartenders and waitresses for making it all possible.  
11/20/04 Rambling House Yonkers, NY A great show and a nice turnout by the mongers.

Moonspank started the show with and unprecedented 8 originals in a row before surrendering to the crowd and playing their first cover.

Thanks again to all who showed up!
11/7/04 NYC Marathon Brooklyn, NY Well, we never played. We were never given a power source for our equipment near our "drop zone".

Oh well, we can always hope to play next year.  
10/23/04 Rambling House Yonkers, NY Great crowd on hand for this one. Met a lot of potential mongers and the boys really fed off of the energy. Thanks again to all who supported.
10/15/04 Burke's Yonkers, NY

They played like warrior poets.

But Moonspank would have probably received a better crowd response if they had played the Apollo theater.

Thanks to all of the peeps that did show up and to our two new fans - Thanks ladies.

10/9/04 Neiman Marcus
"Hip Event"
Paramus, NJ

A quiet yet soothing departure from the usual live Spank. A fun and interesting experience.

Special thanks again to Sarah for hooking us up with this gig!

10/8/04 Kelly's White Plains, NY Another wild Kelly's gig. Dave almost forgot his own name by the time we finished playing.
No recording and VERY FEW memories.
9/25/04 Rambling House Yonkers, NY Props to J. Spoor and Dino. A Rockin' show! Full of energy; a great recording exists. One of the best. 
8/27/04 Lost in Mexico Fishkill, NY Met some cool people here. 
8/14/04 Rambling House Yonkers, NY Word to the wise: don't ever let some middle-aged lady get on stage and try to play the keyboard! 
8/6/04 The Playwright Stamford, CT Thanks to Dino for sitting in and de-viginizing himself as a Moonspank guest on keys. 
7/30/04 McGilligan's Yonkers, NY Yea! Toddeus took drums on some tunes while Monith moved to the organ! Unfortunately, this show was not very well documented. No pictures or recordings; just memories. 
7/11/04 Rory Dolan's Yonkers, NY -- 
7/4/04 "Freedom on the Fourth Festival"

Ellenville Flight Park

Ellenville, NY WORD WORD WORD. Thanks to Dino Covelli for hooking this up. Great time. totally BBQ-picnic Woodstock-style event. Other acts included Jason Fresta, Striven, Karwreck and Dino's group: Mad Machinery. All rocked. 
6/25/04 The Playwright Stamford, CT Best show ever! Thanks folks. 
6/12/04 The Playwright Stamford, CT (second) Best show ever.  
5/16/04 Rory Dolan's Yonkers, NY -- 
5/14/04 Kelly's White Plains, NY Who the hell hired the fake Toddeus as the lighting director?? 
5/1/04 McGilligan's Yonkers, NY Experimental 
4/17/04 Temple Stamford, CT Moonspank 
4/17/04 McEntire's Yonkers, NY -- 
4/12/04 Rory Dolan's Yonkers, NY Securing a weekend gig, date TBA. Surprisingly an enjoyable for a Monday. Our 80th show. 
4/4/04 "The Levee" at Fairfield University Fairfield, CT Performing at the WVOF 88.5 FM FAIRFIELD UNIV.
3/13/04 McEntire's Yonkers, NY Rounding out a great weekend of shows. 
3/12/04 Kelly's White Plains, NY The first Moonspank show featuring "the lights". It was great to see new and old faces! 
2/27/04 McGilligan's Yonkers, NY -- 
2/13/04 McEntire's Yonkers, NY -- 
2/9/04 Acme Underground NY, NY Featuring Monith "Monith" Saracino on the vibraphone for the first time! Thanks to Todd Moore for fulfilling drum duties on those tunes with vibes. 
1/30/04 McGilligan's Yonkers, NY We welcomed 2004 with a 3-set performance. Thanks to the Moon mongers for their support. 
12/26/03 Temple Stamford, CT Drunk guy steals Dave's shot. (shot of alcohol, that is...) 
12/19/03 Kelly's White Plains, NY #$%#$%#$%# 
11/29/03 Morely's Yonkers, NY -- 
11/28/03 Temple Bar Stamford, CT Word. Our 69th show. 
11/23/03 Vintage White Plains, NY THE MORE SUGAR 10th ANNIVERSARY PARTY. 
11/15/03 Rhodes North Sloatsburg, NY Audience tambourines galore. 
10/31/03 Vintage White Plains, NY  TONY'S B-DAY!! 
10/17/03 McGilligan's Yonkers, NY  One of our weirder shows. 3 sets. Each set was weirder than the next. 
10/5/03 Temple Stamford, CT  Sam Adams Night. Rowdy guy gets tossed after spilling 2 pints of beer all over the stage and monitors. 
9/26/03 Vintage White Plains, NY The sing-along during a few of our tunes was hands-down AMAZING. Thank you all. Great venue. About the the description of the 7-2-03 show. 


Cafe Nani White Plains, NY This place remains one of our favorite venues. Great turnout once again. Thanks folks. 


Rory Dolan's Yonkers, NY We performed at the benefit for the victims of the Bronx River Road fire. 


Utica College Utica, NY The free hotel room was nice, we partied in true rock-star fashion.  


Bayveiw Club Haverstraw, NY Literally right on the Hudson during a BEAUTIFUL day: (This club burned down in the year 2005). 


Desmond's Tavern NY, NY We were unsure of how this was going to go at first, BUT, we'd like to thank all our friends who surprised us and came out. Pace law-heads ROCK. The Porn Song (TPS) was dedicated to our good friend Otto. 


Le Bar Bat NY, NY Dreary. 


Blue Lady Lounge Brooklyn, NY Creamy. 


The Music Menu Detroit, MI Supporting The Brothers Groove. We finally had a chance to scream into a microphone:


The Point Byrn Mawr, PA -- 


Grape St. Pub Philadelphia, PA Although this was a showcase night, we had a great time performing a few tunes in the City of Brotherly SPANK. 


Temple Stamford, CT A bunch of really cool people sang along to Alright! Nice one folks!! 


Mad Labs Theater Columbus OH Our first sortie into Columbus. Great town, lots of art, good people, good beer. 


The Post Mt Clemens, MI Supporting the very cool Gordon Bennett Band, a bunch of great guys with some SICK equipment. (This show was powered by five, 3000watt amps). Wow. 


Mickey Finn's Toledo, OH THE TOUR BEGINS. 


Orange Bear Manhattan Cool Show. 


Blue Lady Lounge Brooklyn, NY Acoustic. Minidisc recorder failed to save data. ARGH! This always happens during the best shows. 


Orange Bear Manhattan Monday night city gigs are always a bit of a drag; however, it's nice when they give us a weekend gig at the same venue. 


Barney McNabb's Yonkers, NY -- 


The Block Island Music Festival Block Island, RI DVD now available.

Moon Spank performed one of their most spirited shows ever at The Block Island Music Festival on June 13th, 2003. The show, shot with multiple cameras, and later edited by Mostly Liquid Productions, captures the energy of Dave, J.J., Monith and Tony during the band's hallmark show of their Summer Tour.  


Taos Portchester, NY Special thanks to Mike Torpey of Sonic Nova for joining us and belting out a few tunes. 


Taos Portchester, NY -- 


late show

Olives Nyack, NY The band produces some out-there improvised "jams" at this show. Very fun and quite different for the band. Thereafter, Moonspank would incorporate "jamming" into every show. 


early show

Sportsdome Brewster, NY Stadium shows are fun but windy. 


Kelly's White Plains, NY ROCK ON 


Westchester Community College Valhalla, NY John "Pieth" Packes subbed for Tony for this show, producing some great interpretations of Spank tunes. 


Cafe Nani White Plains, NY Full acoustic show. A fantastic evening. 


Temple Stamford, CT Secured the future weekend gig mentioned below. 


Pace Law School White Plains, NY "Earth Day Show"  Semi-Acoustic. 


Temple Bar Stamford, CT Wednesday open-mic night turned into a full Moon Spank show!  Scored us a future gig. 


Morleys Yonkers, NY JJ once again fulfills bass duties for the Spank--this time for good. 


Club Pure Garden City, Long Island, NY This bar is usually closed on Wednesdays. But they opened up just for us. Thanks Adelphi crew! 


Cafe Nani White Plains, NY Full acoustic show. GREAT crowd response. YAY! We sold a bunch of albums. 


Cafe Nani White Plains, NY 6 Acoustic Songs. 


Bulls Nest (now Victors) Hawthorne, NY 7 Acoustic Songs. After this gig, we have officially retired Bulls Nest as a venue for Moon Spank.  


Lock, Stock & Barrel Pleasantville, NY When a man with a mohawk mans the cowbells, there BOUND to be trouble! 
9/14/02 Arthur Daly's Yonkers, NY Thank you for making this an amazing show. 
9/13/02 Lock, Stock & Barrel Pleasantville, NY Double header with Sonic Nova.  
8/30/02 Le Bar Bat Manhattan -- 
8/28/02 Club Deep New Rochelle, NY Special Guest: JJ from (the now-defunct) Simulcast on bass. 
8/22/02 Molly Darcy's Danbury, CT Some guy paid us $40 to play Wish You Were Here, and then paid us an additional $40 for playing it well!  Beautiful. 
8/17/02 Arthur Daly's Yonkers, NY -- 
8/10/02 Triad Manhattan Dave and Tony did this show acoustically. Philip Clark accompanied them on alto sax. 
7/30/02 The Elbow Room Manhattan Lets just say that we are glad that this joint is now closed.
7/27/02 Arthur Daly's Yonkers, NY Thin Lizzy covers pay off BIG in Irish pubs. 
6/30/02 CBGB Manhattan Monith got into an argument with the bartender over whether he should have to pay for a cup of water... Contrary to popular belief, CBGB just plain sucks. 
6/29/02 Arthur Daly's Yonkers, NY

Supporting (the now defunct, ed.) Simulcast

Once again, Andy Platt on bass

6/24/02 Triad Manhattan 2 Acoustic Songs
5/11/02 Dooley Mac's White Plains, NY Featured Chris Gedris on bass! Unfortunately, the show was cut short because we weren't playing enough covers. So, this show has been officially dubbed the "Dooley Disaster." 
5/5/02 -- Brewster, NY Private Party. 
4/29/02 Club Demerrara Manhattan Videotaped by "Bleep Bleep."
4/20/02 Piranha Pat's Larchmont, NY "Show 420"  When we first learned to beware of a bar owner's shady business practices. 
4/10/02 Pace Law School White Plains, NY "Legal Aid Show"  Performing with a certain djembe-playing Civil Procedure professor can be an interesting experience.
3/30/02 Bull's Nest Hawthorne, NY Don't ever lend out mic stands to another band.

Featured Chris Nicolo on drums, who for a while played with The Prodigals

3/16/02 Tipporary Inn Montauk, NY Trust no one. 
3/9/02 Bull's Nest Hawthorne, NY Kenny Schechter on drums. 
3/1/02 Lock, Stock & Barrel Pleasantville, NY Kenny Schechter on drums. 
2/21/02 Adelphi U. Garden City, NY "NAACP Night of Cultural Expression" 
2/?/02 Dooley Mac's White Plains, NY 3 acoustic songs; supporting Bluu. Weird-ass mystery man on the drums. One of the lost shows never recorded. 
2/9/02 Bulls Nest Hawthorne, NY A good recording exists. 
1/5/02 Bulls Nest Hawthorne, NY First show with a full band. Andy Platt on bass.
10/26/01 The River Roadhouse Hastings, NY First show under the "Moon Spank" namesake. Acoustic. 
7/?/01 Bulls Nest Hawthorne, NY "Conception"  Tony and Monith's first performance together with Dave. John "Jerbal" Carpenter on the kit.