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More Sugar Magazine June 2009


“the album sounds big and clear.”

April 23rd, 2009


The five members of Moonspank may be no older than 30,
but they have nearly a decade of experience in the music biz

"Now, the band—which includes Packes, Monith from Valhalla,
Dave Kiere from Ireland, Darren Lipper from Manhattan, and Casey
Howard from Queens — is back and hoping to get into the studio
some time this spring

-Westchester Nightlife Magazine - March '08 Issue

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"Taking on a crazy workload, Dave and the other members of
Moonspank are somehow balancing their everyday jobs while
creating what may be something big."

South Florida Insider Interview with Dave Keire Sept. 2006


"The sound quality can easily compete with any professional studio."



"These guys can really play--it's a pleasure to listen to their
strong musicianship, diverse influences, and fine tunes."

-David Dorfman

Mar. 2003 Vol XXV


"I've got to admit, I've seen few bands with a stronger commitment to the DIY ethic. In the album notes, they brag that they spent $0 and 0 time in a 'real' studio, and gleefully point out that "microphones costing over $90 were not used at any time." Still, they managed to get excellent sound with the equipment and environment they chose."

"Stylistically, the sounds range from dream-pop balladry to balls-out rock and roll, with more than a casual nod to some jam band Americana influences. [They have] a tendency to go ahead and play anything they can play well, and they play a wide range of things well."

Reviewed by Shaun Dale of the Cosmik Debris Webzine Sept. 2003

Cosmik Debris Webzine


"Sparse yet confident instrumentation executed masterfully. Smooth rhythm ends abruptly against sharp rock riffs then drift into outer space. You'll hear
so many influences colliding that it soon becomes obvious that Moonspank
isn't trying to sound like anyone but themselves. Just the right blend of art
and pop, they spank the groove as well. Wrap up dinner with your friends
early and come check out this fantastic band."



Band Clings to a Strong Do-It-Yourself Ethic

By Jillian Bernhardt

"For a rock band, cutting an album conventionally meant an expense of thousands of dollars and beyond.  These days, the situation has changed. 
Moonspank, a band out of White Plains, NY clings to a strong do-it-yourself ethic, and has been successfully able to produce its first CD, entitled Just Another Day, for a nominal amount. The band has demonstrated to its peers the reality of producing and recording a CD in the comfort of the home, and to the ďrealĒ studios that home recording is now a threat to be reckoned."

"For Moonspank, the do-it-yourself mentality extends to nearly every aspect of creating an album. Besides composing and performing, the band also recorded, engineered, produced and mixed the music, all on a home computer. The band also created the albumís artwork and graphic layout, which consists of photos taken by the band members. Of course, the band had to work with an outside company that actually pressed and packaged the CDís."

"The bandís do-it-yourself ethic extends to their website,, which was designed by drummer Monith. Monith notes that being a do-it-yourself band has forced him to develop numerous skills other than playing his instruments. Such skills include sound engineering, web and graphic design, and managing business transactions. The last point is exemplified in selling the CDís, and getting gigs.  Moonspank, acting as its own booking agent, has scored a gig at the famed Block Island Music Festival, and has successfully managed to book a Summer Tour of the Midwest and Northeast."

"The benefits of the do-it-yourself ethic are twofold. First, it allows Moonspank to save money, and second, band members develop various skills that will ultimately help them in various aspects of life outside of the band. Catch Moonspank on stage at Utica College this Friday!"