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Well folks, after 119 consecutive shows, JJ has decided to leave Moonspank. Although this is obviously shocking and unfortunate, Moonspank would like to say a few words before saying goodbye.
Rambling House Video Show - Moonspank hired an entire film crew to document this unforgettable experience. You can now view samples from this incredible experience by VISITING OUR VIDEOS PAGE
Moonspank continues to write and record their 3rd album which is yet to be named. Teaser clips of several songs will be uploaded sometime in June of 2008. Stay tuned for several releases.
Breaking News: The famous Rick Donato slated to play with Moonspank at O'Neills Pub!! Monith's position with the band
is in serious jeopardy!! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS
Read about the Spank's "triple play" weekend on the SHOWS PAGE
The boys were tooled at Casey's but Doherty's proved more than worthy. Read all of the details on the SHOWS PAGE
Attention Mongers....Casey Howard will be performing with Moonspank this Saturday night at Casey O'Tooles in Wayne,
The first gig for Moonspank plus the 2nd gig with Casey
Howard equals one of the most anticipated shows of the year.
This bar is know for great live acts and is known to have a
fantastic built-in crowd!! Dave is so excited for this show that
he actually
offered to take part in helping the boys setup
equipment. Those of you who know Moonspank realize
that this is an unprecedented act for the Irishman.
Your computer is not broken!! We have temporarily taken out the site intro. We are currently working on a new intro theme. A new band bio is also in the works.
A brand new bar = A brand new venue. Come check out
Moonspank @ New York's coolest new bar - Paddy Doherty's
this Saturday @ 10pm. This venue is the result of Moonspank's efforts this past Sunday night. "A really unique and tasteful experience", says Tony Pax. "Great service, sexy bartenders,
a great crowd and a really big fireplace."
This Saturday, Moonspank will have two mystery guests sit in
with them on a number of tunes @ the Rambling House.
Come out to see a truly unique Spank performance.
Do not forget to come out this Wednesday to see Moonspank
play a double gig with Mad Machinery @ The Lions Den
in NYC. Show starts @ 6:30pm!!
More pictures have been uploaded to the new
Moonspank album located under the PHOTOS tab.

2-01-05 This Saturday is going to be a fantastic show. Many mongers,
old and new are going to show face @ O'Neills Pub in Norwalk! Please bring yourselves, your friends and your thirst for good
music and good drinks!! P.S. Rumor has it that the great Po-Pieth himself may show up as well as his good friend El Rato.
1-25-05 The new Moonspank photo gallery is finally up and running!! To
view this modern marvel, just click on the PHOTOS button like before!!! Enjoy!! From now on, all photos put in this gallery
will be organized, interesting and aesthetically pleasing.
1-22-05 Moonspank apologizes for the extremely short notice, but the show @ Kilmeagan's that was slated for this evening has been cancelled.
1-11-05 Moonspank would like to let all of our fans know that the gig at the Delancey was cancelled because the two other bands had pulled out of the gig. We would like to apologize to all who showed up.
1-08-05 The Moonspank Site Introduction video is now currently viewable at If you have some free time, please sign up (totally free) to this cool website and cast your vote for our video. Help us make the video #1, Please cast your vote today!!
1-06-05 The video section is up and ready for viewing. This section Includes The Alright Music Video, clips from the Block Island Music Festival and the short documentary entitled Moonspank @ The NYC Marathon. You may view these movies by visiting the video section or by keeping checking the "A/V Clips" column on the shows page.
1-04-05 Moonspank would like to thank all of the fans for supporting us during the entire New Year experience (THANK YOU!!). We would also like to invite all of the fans out for an all original encore at
The Delancey
in NYC this Sunday. We know you all have work the next day but worry not, Dave has offered to write up phony doctors notes for all in attendance. We care about our Mongers!!
12-01-04 Moonspank is playing their first New Years Eve gig ever!!!
Please come out and bring in the new year the right way -
With MOONSPANK (and alcohol of course).
The Playwright
on New Years Eve!!! Do not miss it!!
Come see Moonspank @ Burkes on Thanksgiving Eve!!!
11-04-04 Our links, fans and photos pages have been updated.
11-01-04 Happy November ALL! Please don't forget to support Moonspank
as they prepare to play the NYC Marathon on Sunday.
10-4-04 We have a new site! Peep around and let us know what you think!
9-17-04 Happy Autumn everyone! Catch the band at an upcoming show.
9-16-04 The Moonspank 3-song EP has been released! Contact the
band to get your copy, or pick one up at the next show.
9-15-04 has a new website!!
This website is designed to be a comprehensive archive of everything the band has done, is doing and will do. In other
words, its got EVERYTHING. Take some time, search around
a bit, you'll find lots of interesting stuff.