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Moonpank: The Promo E.P.
Release Date: September 20, 2004.

Price: $5.00

In 2004 , Moonspank was in and out of the studio recording various songs
for an eventual release.  Some of these tunes were completed ahead
of schedule.  Anyway, the lads couldn't sit on these tracks forever,
so they decided to release them early in this E.P. release. 

The tracks include "Electric Freak 2", "I Say", and as a special
encore, "ALRIGHT" which was re-mastered by the legendary
Dino Covelli of Mad Machinery
.  This E.P. may also contain
some hidden treasures; you'll have to hear for yourself.
Track listing:

1. Alright
2. Electric Freak II
3. I say


Moon Spank: Just Another Day CD
Release Date: December 22, 2002

Price: $10.00

This self-produced debut album was recorded over a two year period in
Monith's basement. If you don't already own this CD, pick one up immediately,
we are almost sold out of our first pressing, so this could be your last
chance to still get one of the very few original pressed copies left!


Track listing:

1. T.P.S.
2. Alright
3. Just Another Day
4. Refound Youth

5. Weakest Hand
6. Nicu Nine Nica
7. Back to the Ship
8. Milkshake


Moonspank at The 2007
Alive @ Five Music Festival DVD
Release Date: February 16, 2008

Price: $15.00

Moonspank opened up for Don McLean at the final Alive @ Five show of the summer in Stamford, CT and played their hearts out for thousands of people
in attendance. Patrice Perry, Lenon Nersesian and John Packes are credited with the cinematography of this truly memorable Moonspank Experience.


Scene Index:

1. Electric Freak 2
2. My Imagination
3. Toddeus
4. Beauty

5. In The Rain
6. You Thought
7. Street Pimp
8. Take On Me
9. Need You Tonight
10. I Say
11. Alright


Moonspank at The 2003 Block
Island Music Festival DVD
Release Date: August, 2003

Price: $10.00

Moonspank performed one of their most spirited shows ever at The Block Island Music Festival on June 13th, 2003.  The show, shot with multiple cameras, and later edited by Mostly Liquid Productions, captures the energy of Dave, J.J., Monith and Tony during the band's hallmark show of their Summer Tour. 

The show contains killer performances of songs from Moonspank's self-released debut album and seven additional songs that will appear on an upcoming album.  Such favorites include "Alright", "Electric Freak 2" and "In the Rain".  The DVD also includes some special bonus features.  This DVD sold out rather quickly but more copies can be pressed upon request. WATCH A FREE PREVIEW NOW

Scene Index:

1. In The Rain
2. Toddeus
3. I Say
4. Just Another Day
5. Beauty
6. Buttplug
7. Weakest Hand
8. T.P.S.
9. Crazy Glue
10. Alright
11. Always Dream


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