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Moonspank will be playing two shows in one night. That's right!! On 2/26, Moonspank will play one 30 minute set at Rory Dolan's from 9-9:45pm. This is a benefit show for John Fitzgerald - a fan and good friend of the band. John is currently trying to raise money to support his new film about baseball in Ireland Information for this film can be found @

After that, Spank will be arriving at Burke's to play their main show of the evening (Starting @ 11pm). Like always, we plan to have an awesome evening and encourage fans to catch both shows!!!


The Emerald Diamond is an independent documentary about the history of baseball in Ireland. It's a great story - like a documentary version of Rudy meets the Bad News Bears - at times funny, at times sad, all the time about a bunch of people who believed in themselves enough to overcome huge odds...

There will be a Fundraising Show featuring five bands at Rory Dolan's Bar on March 26. Proceeds from the show will go towards completing the film. The original plan was to have the costs of the film paid for by film grants in Ireland and the US, but that hasn't happened. Every film grant and funding organization in Ireland has refused to support the film because it is being made by an American director. And every US funding organization has passed on contributing to the film because most of the filming is being done in Ireland.

It's the intention of the director, John Fitzgerald, to make a film that benefits Irish youth baseball and the Irish National Team by bringing their story to more potential benefactors in the US and Ireland. The film is very close to completion and the Fundraising Show will help achieve this goal.

Other acts that will be appearing (in no particular order are):

Cady Finlayson
Larkin Brigade
Sullivan's Jack